Monday, March 9, 2009

The GM Towers

One of the central focuses in my upcoming book is a place known as the Seven Center Towers. They stand as the center of chaos and suspense throughout the story as all the plot lines converge there. The Seven Center Towers are based on a futuristic represenation of the GM Towers that actually exist there.

You can see a Canadian view of the towers if you look at the top of this very page. They are the cylinder shaped spires right in the center.

I think a lot of people drive by this amazing spectacle without ever getting a peek inside. I found a few of these pictures for your enjoyment at:
Here are some samples


  1. The building is so wonder they are going bankrupt!! It needs to be taken over by orks or dwarfs, they would probably run it better!!

  2. Be a nice backdrop for a book that's for sure.