Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flying Saucer Built in Detroit . . . kind of

Have you ever seen a real flying saucer? Okay, how about a flying saucer that hasn't really flown that is half covered in snow?

You may want to give Alfie Carrington a call because he's already socked $70,000 into building one. I can't think of a better way to spend $70k of my hard earned money during these difficult economic times. Enjoy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Third World Detroit

The economic status of Detroit is horrible. Some homes are forclosed and listed to sell for only $50. You know it's bad when Aljazeera does a report on it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Logan noticed something on the floor, several feet in front of him. It lifted off the ground. A holographic image flickered for a moment and then appeared above the spinning disk. It was a holocom device.
The figure stood almost eight feet tall. He was dressed in a long blue cloak that was pulled up over his head. Logan strained to get a good look at his face. His skin was almost luminescent with dark blue eyes set beneath the white hair of his brow. Logan felt transparent as the figure looked down at him.
“I am known as the Conductor,” he said. “I apologize for communicating through the Connex but I assure this conversation is private.”
“I understand that you lead the Wavers,” said Logan. “I don’t understand what you people do or if you can even help me, but I’m running out of options.”
“Let me enlighten you. The Connex infrastructure is an interactive digital world that exists along side our current physical reality. It was created as the new era to replace the current Internet system. Rather than looking at displays on a screen and typing upon rudimentary keyboard you are allowed to walk through the information. Their digital proxy within that world represents them. If you want to talk to a banker, you walk through the virtual representation of the bank within the Connex and talk to him. Yet, the system runs much deeper than it shows on the surface.”
“I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying. You are saying that when you plug into the Connex, or even at a virtual console, you can walk through a world that doesn’t exist?”
“My physical body is in another room at another place. It is suspended to provide the physical mind a release from the distractions of the world you now live in. What you see now when you look at me is a hologram. This holocom is able to project my representation through the Connex as though I were standing in the room. I see what you see as though I am here, but I am free from the physical constraints. I don’t feel the cold that makes you shiver. I don’t smell the things you smell.”

Detroit Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is relatively unkown and unused word in regular society. Whether you've used the word before or not doesn't change the fact that you've probably been exposed to it. Let me reference for the definition:
"Cyberpunk is about expressing (often dark) ideas about human nature, technology and their respective combination in the near future."

If that doesn't sound familiar just go rent the Matrix, Bladerunner, or any of the Terminator movies. There is always a strong focus on the negative impact technology can have on society. With themes of government or corporate control there is also a running theme of hackers. This technology is sometimes blended with humans in the form of biological upgrades or cybernetic forms.

Throughout my book there is a group of individuals known as Wavers. They are an almost spiritually focused group of hackers who penetrate the Connex system. The Connex is the future replacement for the internet - a virtual realm ruled by avatars for business and people.

If you are thinking all of this has nothing to do with Detroit you have to remember a violent but classic film called Robocop. The entire movie takes place in the city of Detroit with the main character being part human but most robotic. Take a look.

I thought it was funny that the music used for the movie trailer here is the same as the Terminator theme.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cyborgs are coming

Although my book doesn't have cyborgs as characters, there are several that have bio-upgrades. This is a common theme in cyberpunk novels.

I came across this video on youtube that I found very interesting. It doesn't have much to do with Detroit, but the relevence to the book genre is great.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The First Draft

After a long journey the first rough draft of the book is finished. My goal was to write the story in less than 90,000 words and it ended up at 89.905. When I was writing the last paragraph at 11:45pm the power went out across town for a moment. I thought I might have lost half the last chapter, but recovered everything when the power came back on.

I wrote the final words at 11:55pm May 24, 2009. I can only describe the feeling as being similar to the day I graduated college. There was a sense of accomplishment combined with a feeling of not knowing exactly what to do next.

I was anticipating a good nights sleep after finishing the book. Instead I had nightmares of a room full of paperwork that needed editing. I think I have my work cut out for me.

Keeping in mind there is a lot of editing that needs done still I've decided to let everyone have a little taste of the book. Here is a short teaser for you:

"Gelmir assessed the situation. It had been yet another misjudgment on his part to engage in battle with this one. He moved by the large hole in the rooftop and could not see the Orc on the ground below. He focused his eyes into a thermal image. He could see the Orc moving through the warehouse circling the room for an exit. Gelmir could not tell if he were the hunter or the prey at this point. He grabbed his rifle and decided it was best to flee the area.

Gelmir jumped across the thirty-foot gap to the next rooftop and scaled down a drainpipe. He had to reach a safer location in the city before the shock of his wounds set in and immobilized him. His stomach was gushing blood. He could feel it running down his legs inside his tactical suit. The dried salt water on his body made the slice in his belly feel like it was searing next to a hot flame. Although he had caught the Orc with two shots, and then dropped him two stories, he knew his own stamina was no match for the beast when wounded."

There will be more underground bizarre stuff about Detroit upcoming.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Renaissance Center

I found this old video that takes a glimpse into Detroit's past. When they were building the towers it was viewed as a rebirth for the city. Investors could see the geographic potential of where Detroit is located.

To be honest the location of Detroit, with Canada across the river, is a big reason why I chose to have my book take place there. From a tactical perspective the city would be amazing. In my book we have the Orc Clan on Zug Island. The Elves are running the downtown area and control all the money. The Dwarf colony is living underground with their headquarters on Belle Island. Humans are everywhere in the middle of that.

Check out the video and enjoy the Wakka Chu Wakka of the 70's music.