Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Detroit Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is relatively unkown and unused word in regular society. Whether you've used the word before or not doesn't change the fact that you've probably been exposed to it. Let me reference for the definition:
"Cyberpunk is about expressing (often dark) ideas about human nature, technology and their respective combination in the near future."

If that doesn't sound familiar just go rent the Matrix, Bladerunner, or any of the Terminator movies. There is always a strong focus on the negative impact technology can have on society. With themes of government or corporate control there is also a running theme of hackers. This technology is sometimes blended with humans in the form of biological upgrades or cybernetic forms.

Throughout my book there is a group of individuals known as Wavers. They are an almost spiritually focused group of hackers who penetrate the Connex system. The Connex is the future replacement for the internet - a virtual realm ruled by avatars for business and people.

If you are thinking all of this has nothing to do with Detroit you have to remember a violent but classic film called Robocop. The entire movie takes place in the city of Detroit with the main character being part human but most robotic. Take a look.

I thought it was funny that the music used for the movie trailer here is the same as the Terminator theme.

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