Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fan Art Wanted!

Any aspiring artists or photographers who would like to submit your work to our website are fully supported by Detroit Underground!

Even amateur artwork is encouraged and welcome.

The focus of this project is to collect and present any artwork and/or photography that is focused on Detroit. Any imaginative artwork specifically done to promote my upcoming book project will get great exposure on this site!

The book is based in 2050's in Detroit. There are Orc, Elf, Dwarf, and human characters. Think of the Elf-type as the rich guys, the Orc as the mobsters, the Dwarf-types living in the underground tunnels and abandoned buildings, and the humans everywhere inbetween.

When the book get's published there is good potential to have your art get some exposure and recognition. You will get full credit for your work. Please no nudity or inappropriate submissions.

Send all submissions to with the subject heading "Fan Art"

Keep the underground bizarre alive!


  1. I wish I could draw :( 0 talent there.

  2. You need Brick, Tyler and Mason on this one! Probably Riley could do some good ones too! I'm amazed at your pictures, they are pretty good!