Saturday, February 28, 2009

The White Ghost of Belle Isle

With just over five miles of shoreline land, Belle Isle has been a great place to step out of the city of Detroit. It holds the record for being the largest city owned island park, but it also holds a mysterious urban legend.

The White Ghost Lady of Belle Isle is a permanent part of Detroit folklore. While there isn't a lot of written information about the legend since the 1950's, she has quite a reputation among the old youngsters that used to visit the island.

History tells that a young bride was murdered on her wedding day by her newly wed husband. Her ghost now wanders the Island in dispair and sadness.

Rumor has it that she is drawn toward young couples who come and park on the island in the night. She sees the couples necking in the darkness and is pained by the sight of the love she cannot have. Her deep rooted pain draws her toward the car to scare the couples off the island to leave her in peace.

Next time you get a chance to park in a secluded spot on the Island with your sweetheart - keep one eye open for the Ghost Lady creeping up behind the car in her old wedding dress!

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