Monday, May 25, 2009

The First Draft

After a long journey the first rough draft of the book is finished. My goal was to write the story in less than 90,000 words and it ended up at 89.905. When I was writing the last paragraph at 11:45pm the power went out across town for a moment. I thought I might have lost half the last chapter, but recovered everything when the power came back on.

I wrote the final words at 11:55pm May 24, 2009. I can only describe the feeling as being similar to the day I graduated college. There was a sense of accomplishment combined with a feeling of not knowing exactly what to do next.

I was anticipating a good nights sleep after finishing the book. Instead I had nightmares of a room full of paperwork that needed editing. I think I have my work cut out for me.

Keeping in mind there is a lot of editing that needs done still I've decided to let everyone have a little taste of the book. Here is a short teaser for you:

"Gelmir assessed the situation. It had been yet another misjudgment on his part to engage in battle with this one. He moved by the large hole in the rooftop and could not see the Orc on the ground below. He focused his eyes into a thermal image. He could see the Orc moving through the warehouse circling the room for an exit. Gelmir could not tell if he were the hunter or the prey at this point. He grabbed his rifle and decided it was best to flee the area.

Gelmir jumped across the thirty-foot gap to the next rooftop and scaled down a drainpipe. He had to reach a safer location in the city before the shock of his wounds set in and immobilized him. His stomach was gushing blood. He could feel it running down his legs inside his tactical suit. The dried salt water on his body made the slice in his belly feel like it was searing next to a hot flame. Although he had caught the Orc with two shots, and then dropped him two stories, he knew his own stamina was no match for the beast when wounded."

There will be more underground bizarre stuff about Detroit upcoming.


  1. Good teaser Carl. I can't wait to read the whole book!

  2. From the Plrui Media Group Editors: "...sounds more like fantasy than cyberpunk- where is the dark, techno , hacker like ubber shit that IS cyberpunk? BTW, about the orc(?) or Orc(?) or wetf,how about "Drone"!, Now THAT shit is cyberpunk! \\_root

  3. There is dark hacker stuff interlaced throughout the book. My book isn't straight up cyberpunk as the focus - but it does have an underground cyberpunk element to it for sure. In my book is an interface known as the Connex. A group of cyberpunks (who are basically a techno religious group) hack into the Connex on a regular basis.